Latest Past Events

Training Techniques for High-performance Older Athletes!

Gorge Park Pavilion 1070 Tillicum Rd., Victoria

As the number of older athletes (50+) breaking records continues to rise every year, many are left wondering how they are achieving such feats. The answer lies in the latest exercise science research and innovative training tactics that can help fitness professionals create stronger, faster, and more powerful senior athletes. In this informative lecture, attendees … Continued

“C’mon Baby Lets do the Twist”

Gorge Park Pavilion 1070 Tillicum Rd., Victoria

Chubby Checker said it best! This workshop will go into the importance of assessing and addressing rotation. The transverse plane is where most people get injured but more importantly it is critical for one of the most important activities we do: walking! Join Brian as we delve into the importance of rotating and controlling rotation … Continued

Pelvic Floor and the Female Athlete Across the Life Span

Gorge Park Pavilion 1070 Tillicum Rd., Victoria

The session will be a blend of lecture and hands on functional integration of the pelvic floor into common exercises. The lecture will include: 1) a review of anatomy and physiology as it relates to the pelvic floor and exercise, 2) conditions to be aware of, 3) specific concerns at different stages of life (young … Continued